Ar. Pratiksha Porwal, Maharashtra


Ar. Pratiksha Porwal is a Holistic Health & Mindset Coach.

Trained in advance nutrition therapy under Dr. Kamalpreet Singh (Canada), she consults people to live on a diet which is closer to nature via the High Raw Fruitarian & Whole Foods Plant Based Nutrition. This lifestyle is also popularly known as the Raw till 5′ lifestyle.

She guides people on, how to lose weight naturally, reverse diseases like diabetes, hypertension, etc. understand that true power of healing lies within themselves and thus live a medicine free life.

Being a Certified Life Coach, under Puja Puneet, she helps people resolve their day to day challenges by the ways of self introspection and self awareness exercises. As a result, most people are able to realize their true visions, dreams and actual purpose of life. Thus they are able to live a life of their own design which they were actually meant to live.

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