The Committee

Our present committee members across different states in India. Kindly click on their photos to see their detailed bio and work. Thank you.










2 thoughts on “The Committee

  1. History is being created in the field of Integrated Medical Sciences. Salute to you All.
    Thank you for being informed. I am following all the instructions on current Plandemic situation. My family of 8 members is not vaccinated and our relatives and friends are also not vaccinated. The credit goes to the entire Integrated Medicine Practitioners like you. Hats off to you All.

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    1. Thank You Vitthal ji _/|\_ Our team is growing as sincere healthcare professionals commit to the Mission & Vision. Kudos to you as well, because keeping your entire family free of these harmful vaccines can’t happen without your proper research and understanding that the human body and natural medicine is enough to heal from all such problems. My Best Regards, Darryl D’Souza


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