Dr. Meenakshi Mahendroo, Maharashtra

Dr. Meenakshi Mahendroo is a Yoga Teacher, Naturopathy Doctor, and Crystal Healer of 59 years of age and is based in Mumbai.

When she was 30 years old she began to suffer from wheezing which had later developed into asthma and in a few months time she had developed arthritis as well which gave her terrible spasms in her joints and she could not bend her knees, even though all the possible tests were done it didn’t help much and as it was not enough her entire left side of the body became numb which gave her spasms at night while trying to sleep. It was so painful that she felt she would soon be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

A friend had then mentioned to her about a health and yoga camp at Yoga Institute Mumbai, which she joined and to her surprise started to feel better within a week, after which she joined a 7 month Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC), where she slowly and gradually began to recover.

She then travelled to Kerala to attend a 1 month Yoga Shiromani training at Shivananda. She also did a 6 months Yoga Therapy and Naturopathy course, where learning various healing modalities became her passion and she continued to learn EFT,  GFT, Soul Healing, Access Bars, ESB and Body Processes to heal various health issues.

Since the past 25 years she has been sharing these lessons and empowering people to heal themselves without allopathic medication or support. She is a great believer of ‘Food is thy Medicine’ which is why she guides people to choose plant based whole foods and opt for healthier options to heal the body naturally as the root cause of disease is unhealthy food and lifestyle.

Meenakshi helps people figure out the root cause of their disease and how to eradicate it for a long lasting relief and cure. She says she is a student for life and there is still so much more to learn.

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