Dr. Kushal Sachan, Delhi

Dr. Kushal Sachan, is the Director at RWH HOLISTIC WELLNESS AND RESEARCH FOUNDATION and a consultant advisor on Complementary & Alternative Medicine to the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare in India and the Indian Prime Minister’s Office.

His vision is to establish a Wellness Centre in India that provides holistic healthcare and rehabilitation facilities to patients as well as training to students in traditional, nature-based healing therapies drawn from different cultures around the globe.

He has been involved in the field of Alternative Medicine for a number of years. He is registered as a Medical Practitioner in Natural Healthcare by the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council, London, and has successfully treated numerous patients for a variety of ailments without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Dr. Kushal’s academic and work background has been in the area of –

Clinical Psychology – Elected associate of American Psychological Association

Hypnotherapy – Senior Hypnotherapy Practitioner of London’s General Hypnotherapy Register

Diabetes Educator – Certified by the Indo-Vietnam Medical Board and International Diabetes Federation, Europe

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