Ranjan Sundaram, Goa

Ranjan Sundaram’s family has taught nature cure, or Prakrutik Chikitsa in India and abroad for over 150 years. His illustrious ancestor, Acharya K. Lakshmana Sarma, is known as the Father of Indian Nature Cure. His book, ‘Practical Nature Cure’ serves as a reference manual even today. They have an unbroken lineage of over 150 years teaching this particular lifestyle which brings the body back to the path of good health.

Ranjan studied in Delhi, at Modern School Barakhamba Road, and then moved to USA at the age of 12, where he finished school, and college (biology). He came back to India in 2004 and started going into deep spiritual practices in the Himalayas. He also managed to travel through most of north and south India in that time, especially to meet the eldest of his relatives in order to gain the benefit of their great wisdom. He briefly worked with Hewlett Packard as a sales manager, but quickly moved on to realizing one of his main desires – to learn Pranic Healing. He had healed a few people who were close to him with his bare hands when he was younger, but learning Pranic Healing was life changing.

He studied in Chennai, with Padmini Ramesh, another amazing teacher and healer and then went deeply into various aspects of dream yoga, sun yoga, Hatha yoga, working with crystals, charged water, and much more. There he also taught part time as an English teacher for slum children at a corporation school. Ranjan has always worked and interacted with slum children throughout his life and even worked with an NGO, where they organized many shows and awareness campaigns for street children and slum children. The NGO was called “Touching Souls”.

Ranjan then became an actor in 2010 and got major roles in famous plays. Eventually did Ads, TV, International Films, and even a lead on a feature film, “A Perfect Relationship.” He also made his own show for creating awareness, called “Dilli Man” on Facebook. He then moved on to create another project- “Donations only Guest House” in the holy land of Vashisht, in Himachal Pradesh. From then on, after 2012, he started connecting with fantastic like-minded people across the world who work for the betterment of all of Humanity.

Ranjan became part of the Awaken India Movement and the Earth Keepers Connect movement at the start of 2021 when he moved to Goa. He does a weekly online program on Nature Cure and other Holistic aspects of living every Saturday at 5pm on the Awaken India Movement channel.

Ranjan’s family has had social reformers, freedom fighters, barristers, natural physicians, artists of all sorts, all fighting to keep the world in a loving-kind, wise frequency. By the virtue of all the collective good karma he has been given the best Gurus, Teachers and Role Models, to envelop him with their wisdom and loving embrace, and so he too chooses the mission of Oneness, to fill the emptiness with the infinite luminous clarity of our True Nature – the Rainbow Light of Compassion.

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