Jay Sutaria, Goa

Jay Sutaria, born in 1976 and raised in Mumbai, is a Food Activist and Entrepreneur.

Jay escaped the city life after his health deteriorated with what allopathy calls ‘auto-immune’ conditions. He refused to take allopathic help after he lost his father to these treatments.

Under the aegis of Anny Kohli, Jay propagates her philosophy ‘Circle of God’ which includes farm, food and health. With her help, he managed to reverse all his conditions and now passionately shares the super foods and the know-how that saved him and gave him a ‘second life’.

Jay founded Anñ Heirloom Foods in Goa as an entrepreneur to serve this goal. He demystifies subjects like ‘auto-immune conditions’ and is a proficient speaker about heirloom super foods like Spirulina and Cannabis amongst several other rare, medicinal foods.

At Anñ, he offers free consultation to anyone who seeks cure and help from nature for everything from a common cold to cancer.

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