Darryl D’Souza, Goa


Darryl D’Souza went through 14 years of sickness & suffering that almost ended his life in 2004. His radical reversal from that state to a state of complete well-being within just 1 year of using Integrated Natural Therapies is a story that has inspired millions across the globe lead healthier lives. His resultant book ‘Become Healthy or Extinct’ on Reversing Chronic Illnesses with Integrated Natural Medicine and Therapies finds readership in close to 200 countries. Darryl devised several disease reversal programs that he does through workshops all across India. He was the Secretary of The World United – Doctors’ & Healers’ Association for 5 years. He also created other platforms for doctors, healers & therapists to work together and curated & convened 7 mind, body & spirit healing conferences. Darryl is also an industrial engineer, organic farmer, energy medicine healer, therapist, environmentalist, TEDx speaker, Ambassador of VeganNation, founder of Integrative Natural Medicine Committee of India, founder of Earth Keepers Connect, convener of The New Earth Summit and a speaker at The World Parliaments on Spirituality.

Become Healthy or Extinct is Darryl’s first website that launched in 2011 to share his book ‘Become Healthy or Extinct’ on Curing Chronic Illnesses with Integrated Natural Therapies as a free PDF download to help people suffering from sickness. It’s 2nd purpose was to provide additional information on topics referenced in his book. Lastly, it keeps his readers & clients across the world updated about his health camps, seminars, workshops and conferences on Wellness of Mind, Body & Spirit. To visit the website, please click here. To access his online health workshop Curing Chronic Illnesses with Integrative Natural Therapies, please click here!

Darryl started his first Healers & Therapists group in Facebook in 2013 when he was the Secretary of The World United – Doctors’ & Healers’ Association, to offer platforms where doctors, healers, therapists & alternative medicine practitioners could work together and share teachings on the healing of the human mind, body & spirit. It was an initiative from his talk at the 1st World Parliament on Spirituality on ‘Developing new levels of Physical, Mental & Spiritual capability to bring in The Age of Aquarius’ – a message for Humanity to have Balanced Development of Mind, Body & Spirit. Now there are 10 groups for India on Facebook, namely Healers & Therapists in AhmedabadHealers & Therapists in BangaloreHealers & Therapists in ChennaiHealers & Therapists in DelhiHealers & Therapists in GoaHealers & Therapists in HyderabadHealers & Therapists in KolkataHealers & Therapists in MumbaiHealers & Therapists in PuneHealers & Therapists in South India and you can access any one of them by clicking on the links. You can not only share your own work on healing of the mind, body & spirit, but also benefit from what doctors, healers & therapists on the groups have to offer.

Earth Keepers Connect is his platform that connects ‘Earth Keepers’ across the globe, so that they are better able to share about activities they do towards leading healthy and balanced lives, and also activities that reverse the damage done to Mother Earth. Earth Keepers are people who have enough insight to see that their future depends on Mother Earth’s future, and so they walk their talk every day, through their choices of ethical profession and projects, whether in the areas of health, environment, organic farming, permaculture, education, arts & culture, entrepreneurship, good governance etc, and through the smallest of mindful things they do on a daily basis that betters the lives of all on this planet. For more about this community, please visit www.earthkeepersconnect.org To join any of the Earth Keeper groups in India on Telegram, please visit www.earthkeepersconnect.org/india To connect with Earth Keepers across the globe on Facebook, please click this link Earth Keepers Connect

Darryl has been hosting the Earth Keepers Market in Goa since 2015 to build community awareness about healthy food choices and also to exchange knowledge & ideas about an organic way of life that promotes personal wellness and wellness in society. The larger emphasis is to heal our contaminated food supply chain, our environment and Mother Earth too! For details of the Earth Keepers Market, please click this link.

From The Alpha to The Omega is Darryl’s website on Spirituality that was also launched in 2011 to share teachings on Universal Brotherhood and Christed Consciousness for The Age of Aquarius. The website has a limited spectrum of the teachings, as deeper aspects need to be delivered in person by Darryl through residential retreats. The complete set of spiritual teachings will be delivered through his book on spirituality that will release in Sep’23.

Darryl is also a Vegan and promotes Veganism as a movement in consciousness towards care and compassion for all animals. Additionally, he has been teaching the 3-Fold Path of Ahimsa since 2011, where non-violence to the human body is practiced through a healthy diet, instead of sickening diet and natural body products and home products, and finally non-violence to Mother Earth by avoiding ecological destruction by not poisoning our elements of earth, water, fire (impure sunlight due to air pollution), air and spaces that we live in, also minimizing the global damage that animal agriculture is causing this planet. Watch his video on The 3 Fold Path of Ahimsa. To be part of the group Vegans in Goa on Facebook, please click this link and to be part of Vegans in Goa on whatsapp, please click this link.

To join their Vegan Food Recipes group on Facebook, please click this link.

Darryl is also an Organic Farmer who follows Low Budget Natural Farming practices based on Permaculture. To see some pictures of his work in this area click this link. If you live in Goa, India and want to learn how to grow organic food, click this link to join his Organic Home Farming group on whatsapp. For the basics of how to grow food yourself, please read this document Organic Home Farming Discussion.

Darryl is the Convener of Earth Keepers Connect’s premium event of the year – The New Earth Summit on Health, Food Farming & Environment.  Click this link to view the videos and performances of the summit.

The mission of this annual event, is to create awareness about the root causes of problems in healthcare, food supply, living spaces and our environment, and to showcase unique solutions that have been implemented in places around the world, by experts, so that they can be implemented all across the land. To also facilitate the creation of an eco-friendly, self-sustaining and diverse local economy model for the state of Goa that can set an example for others across the world and thereby contribute to the creation of a New Earth.

The Summit is a great opportunity for you to meet and network with like-minded people in the fields of wellness of mind, body & spirit, healthy food, natural farming, environment, renewable energy, permaculture, sustainable living, local economy building, eco-friendly business, climate change, veganism, education, art, music, dance, song, poetry, culture and spirituality.

The New Earth Summit is now in its ‘Next Steps‘ implementation phase of rolling out the Earth Keepers Connect network across the world to facilitate the implementation of all the solutions for our current world problems. Please watch this video completely ‘Making New Earth‘ if you want to actively participate in implementing the solutions in your village, city, state country, and join the Earth Keepers Connect group on Telegram to be part of the movement.

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