Prof. Dr. Subhas C. Marihal, Karnataka

B.Sc. | M. Pharm. | PhD. | FBAP.

Prof. Dr. Subhas C. Marihal has an experience of 41 years in technical and medical [pharmaceutical] teaching, research, administration, as a professor, Principal and Director at various institutes including KLE Society, Medical and Pharmaceutical College and BLDE College of Pharmacy. These Institutions are recognized as Deemed Universities. He also worked as a Principal at one of the oldest college’s of Pharmacy in Asia and the eastern part of the world. Goa Public Service Commission selected him and he got appointed by the Government of Goa Portuguese established Pharmacy College in 1842, November 8, at Panaji, Goa. In year 2002, he joined as a first full time principal on 22 November 2002.

During his tenure, he brought the Canada-India Industry Institute Linkage project, modernized and renovated the infrastructure, and laboratories, research facilities and rarest modern equipment form USA, Germany and other developed countries to train my students and faculty at an international level in pharma and clinical research institutions and universities.

Between 2006-2011, he served as a member of AICTE, Pharmacy Board [All India Council for Technical Education], Government of India, New Delhi. The AICTE is a premier body in regulating technical, pharmacy, management and arts education in India. As a member, he has contributed for development of Technical and Pharmaceutical education, in India.

Also, in the year 2009-10, he was invited and appointed as an Associate professor, at 7th April University, at Govt. of Libya. He taught and guided research students in pharmacy, pharmacology and emergency medicines. He has gained the international experience during his tenure in Libya.

He has also done one more unique international contribution, which was to co-ordinate and regulate Pharmacy education and research in Asia, South Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Like-minded people coordinated, contributed and co-operated Pharmacy and Technical Education and formed an Association of School of Pharmacies of Asia, in 2000. Including China and Taiwan, which was formed after detailed deliberation with all member countries, in Pattaya, Thailand, he being one of the founder members. Later a second conference was organized in India in 2002, and they initiated and formed the local chapters. The purpose of the local chapters is to co-operate and exchange of faculties, students and joint research projects etc.

The current BJP Govt. led by Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi, formed a Pharmaceutical and Health Care Committee, under the Chairmanship of Mr. Anil Kaithan, who  invited and appointed Dr. Subhas as a member of the same committee. This is an advisory body to Govt. India on Pharma and Health Care issues. On the request of the chairperson, Dr. Subhas had submitted a 40 page vision document expressing his views and ideas, which was accepted by the Government of India in the form of white paper.

In 2013, Government of Karnataka invited and appointed him as a member of the Health Commission, this commission was formed to formulate and advise the Govt. on health issues and design new programs in health care, education and practice.

Since 1991, he has been a senior inspector of Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi, which regulates and controls Pharmacy profession in India.

In March 2015, Ministry of Ayush [a then newly formed ministry to regulate Indian traditional health systems], Govt. of India, New Delhi, invited me as an expert to advise on how to modernize the traditional system of Health according to international requirement, for which he had given his inputs accordingly.

Dr. Subhas also wishes to create Contract Research Organization [CRO] for basic research, pharma research, clinical and medical research, on contact for industry needs of the various projects and consultation services, for local and international clients. The CRO will generate money and research funding to the Institution by industrial clients and sponsors.

Another new field where basic science scientists, engineering scientists, life science scientists, pharma and medical scientists  can work together is, “Warfare Toxicology”.  This field research is for civilians and Defense person’s safety, from chemical hazards during wars and like a blast in a chemical factory in china, which I read about in the newspaper. This research going on in a few defense laboratories of a few countries around the world, needs preclinical and clinical studies. I also wish to create a new confidential department where such researches can be done.

In addition, he can bring various people, scientists, and industry experts with 10-30 years of experience, to workout academic, commercial and scientific works, which will generate revenue and reputation to the organizations of academia, manufacturing scientific instruments, equipment, medical gadgets to health industry for common public of local and international markets.

Dr. Subhas is completely aware about the functioning of medical / dental / nursing, Ayurveda and other medical courses as a student as well as a faculty who worked at JN Medical College and BLDEA campus.

In 2018, along with his son Mr. Sachin Marihal, a Pharma Scientist, had founded, SaSPinjara Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. India, a consulting firm for health care.

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