Pratibha Hooda, Delhi

Pratibha Hooda, based in Delhi NCR, is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Yoga Therapist, Food & Lifestyle Consultant, and Naturopath, who specializes in using food as medicine by helping people make changes in their food habits and lifestyle so as to induce the body’s natural healing process. She focuses on empowering people by guiding them about the right kind of foods and Yoga practices as per their health conditions.

She is also a passionate organic farmer and runs her healthy food items outlet, specialized in preparing healthy versions of traditional food items under her brand name Visokam. She is the founder of Viśokam Yog, Food & Wellness Centre in Gurgaon.

Earlier she worked in the field of education for 20 years. During this period she worked with various Educational Institutes and Training Centers in the capacity of Teacher’s Trainer, Counselor and Life Skills Trainer.

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